Terms & Conditions For Advertiser / Provider

Thank you for taking the time to consider Racing Drone Repairs. We are FPV racing pilots that are coming together to help grow the community and at the same time help pilots that could use a little extra income. There are many drone enthusiasts that are new to the hobby and simply need experts to help them build, repair and tune quads. This is where our platform can help. Keep in mind that this website is going to be a work in progress, we ask for your feedback and patience while we optimize the site for user experience.

Please read the terms and conditions below which are subject to change without notice as we grow our company.


RDR Site – This is the abbreviation for the Racing Drone Repairs website (www.racingdronerepairs.com).

Provider – This refers to any person who registers on to the RDR Site as a racing drone service provider.

Customers – This refers to any person who is on the RDR Site searching for services, paying for services, bartering for services OR actively requesting quotes for services.

Leads – This refers to any form of opportunity for new business being generated by the RDR Site for the provider to monetize from. This includes phone calls, web form requests, chats, social media messages from any listed social media profiles that providers add to their provider page and more.

Terms of agreement:

During the beginning stages of the RDR site project, we will be allowing advertisers to show their local services free of charge. In 2019, depending on many variables, we may offer paid listings.  When the volume of traffic and inquiries for provider registration AND repair requests grow, we may begin asking for a monthly fee to show up on the RDR site as an advertiser in a major metropolitan city. We may also allow for advertisers to show up with a “free listing” and have options to pay a monthly fee to become a “featured service provider” as an upgrade option.

We don’t ever plan to take a cut of each job or a percentage of every dollar you earn. The terms below are not active at this time but rather a glimpse what we plan to implement while we grow our database. For now, enjoy the free opportunities and feel free to email us if you have any questions. There are no long-term commitments as a service provider, you can delete your listing at any time without any sort of penalty.


1. The RDR Site is an advertising platform for drone service providers to register and offer drone-related services to customers that are actively seeking them. We are not offering payment solutions at this time. It is up to the provider and the customer to arrange pricing and payment options.

2. Racing Drone Repairs is an online directory that offers ads for drone hobby enthusiasts (providers) who offer repairs, builds, tuning, consulting, training and any service pertaining to drones that are used for racings and/or freestyle photography. Consumers who find the Racing Drone Repairs Site may search for providers but we do not guarantee that this will result in actual revenue being earned by the provider. The team behind the RDR Site will do the best that they can to generate leads for every major city in the USA so that advertisers are motivated to continue advertising on the RDR Site. Free trials will be offered on a case by case basis for advertisers that are interested in offering services on the RDR Site during the first 2 years of being open. The RDR Site is intended to launch on 05/01/2018

3. All sales are final and there are no refunds for monthly advertising fees. There are no long-term commitments for advertising programs on the RDR Site. Providers may cancel at any time without penalty.

4. Advertisers, service providers, and customers are agreeing to waive any and all liabilities against our company by signing up to the site. As a customer and provider, you are entering into a business deal at your own risk and the company that owns racingdronerepairs.com is not responsible for any damages, losses or injuries that may occur during your interactions with customers or service providers. Simply put, you are assuming all responsibility and liabilities when doing business with our customers or service providers.

5. By signing up to the site I am agreeing to never pursue any legal action against Profitable Web Properties LLC for any reason whatsoever.