Win2″ XL by X-Hover Review


    7 thoughts on “Win2″ XL by X-Hover Review”

    1. Dustin Gower says:

      Fantastic Review!

      Honest and straight to the point! I cannot wait until my micro gets here after seeing how that one fly’s

    2. Matt says:

      Great review!!

      Nice review!! I appreciate the honesty and the constructive criticism. Thats truly what helps companies make things better. I have the racing edition also and LOVE IT!!!

      1. Sergio Aicardi says:

        Anytime Matt, that’s what it’s all about! I just ordered another ESC and FC stack, some frames.

    3. Chad says:

      Thanks for the review

      Have you adjusted the PIDs any more? Do you have final numbers? I just received my win2xl and am in the process of it I g. Would be great to see if you improved. Thanks

      1. admin says:

        New PID's coming soon

        We will update the PID tunes this weekend. Stay tuned.

        1. Chad Reese says:

          Sweet… cant wait. Thanks

    4. Brad Borrows says:

      +1 on this ask please. I have been testing my one and i cant seem to get the tune locked in.

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